BullsEye - Eye Drops Applicator

For self-administration of eye drops


One of the commonly encountered but often ignored do-it-yourself problems faced by patients with eye ailments is self-administration of eye drops.

If there is nobody around to help, then the patients would instil the drops themselves in their own eyes and thereby end up spilling over quite a few drops out of the eyes every time in this process which results in wastage of precious medicine in this effort. So, there is a definite need for finding a solution to this common every day problem that is faced by people who use eye drops for any eye ailment.



In response, we have designed an innovative, simple, compact device coined as “BullsEye" - Eye Drops Applicator. BullsEye is an eye drops bottle holder with a mirror attachment. The mirror is attached at an optimal angle with the holder to facilitate ideal view of the ocular surface. It supports all the eye drops bottle sizes. This device is patented.

How it works?

Fix the eye drops bottle to the BullsEye holder and apply the drops while looking in to the mirror.

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BulsEye Features


Fits for all Eye Drop Bottles of standard capacity of 5 ml and 10 ml.

Real-time video & audio
Real-time video & audio

Pocket friendly

The foldable mirror attachment and compact design make the device fit in pocket and easy to carry.


As the device works with multiple eye drop bottles a single device can be used for multiple times.

Real-time video & audio