Short Overview.

UICS envisions to offer efficient, user-friendly, and comprehensive image capturing interface that facilitates improved diagnostics management as well as technology development.

  • Sensor independent
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • EMR integration
  • Real time image reviewing
  • Structured database
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Sensor independent

One of the core features of UICS is its universality. It has potential to interface to almost all the CCD/CMOS sensors.

Real-time video & audio


UICS imports the patient information directly EMR which further reduces the imaging time per patient.

Easy-to-use interface

UICS interface is designed after thorough study of actual user requirements in clinical setup. This simple interface enables high throughput imaging and thus can cater to patients

Real time image reviewing

Real time image reviewing

UICS enables the users to review the acquired images and allows the users to delete the unsatisfactory images in real time.

Structured database

Captured images are stored in an organized way. In particular, images are saved in the directory which can be viewed through most of the picture viewing software.